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Create engaging newsletters in minutes with AI. Simply enter the links you want to include in your newsletter and our AI will generate a headline, description, and build a newsletter for you.

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How it works

1. Submit Links

Just send links to the articles you want to include to or use our Chrome Extension

2. Get AI Generated Assets

Our service leverages Google PaLM, GPT3.5, and GPT4 to parse your links to create an AI generated headline and description.

3. Build your Newsletter

Build your newsletter at the end of the day. Our AI will write a newsletter that lets you get started.

Why Redense?

Save 4 to 8 hours per Newsletter

Let's face it, nobody likes writing newsletters. Did you know writing a newsletter can take anytime between 4 to 8 hours? This doesn't include the time it takes to read and process all of the current events you want to update your subscribers on. If you have a newsletter that covers any sort of current events, Redense AI will be your best friendChrome Extension

Grounded AI Models

Redense AI uses a combination of LLM models and grounding techniques to make sure the output information is relevant to you. Gone are the generic responses given from chatbots like ChatGPT and Bard, and here is the era of relevant responses based on the articles you want to write about.

Robust Toolkit

With convenient tools like our email send in feature, and chrome extension (coming soon). You can add articles on the go and build your newsletter easily over time. Nobody likes being chained to a computer for hours on end, free yourself and your time.


Working terrifically! Really enjoying the updates, etc... Great work! Happy to be using this platform for 'AI Music Newsletter'.

- Jeff

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